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Brian Dakota


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      Agency Contact Type Location

      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0"
      Weight: 185 lbs.
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Blue
      Bust/Chest: 43"
      Waist: 33"
      Body Type(s): Athletic,  Muscular
      Portrayable Age: 35 years - 50 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
      Disability Information:


      LBJ Secret Service precision driver Acacia Filmed Ent.
      Crunch Time stunt double Crunch Time, LLC
      Undeliverable Stunt Coordinator Parker Entertainment Group
      Streets of Blood stunts Millennium Films
      A Tribute to Big Red bar patron- attack victim VM Productions
      Saving Jessica Lynch CIA Field Agent NBC
      The Knocker stunt coordinator Crooked Spin Films
      Process of Creative Deception stunt coordinator, voc Velocity Pictures
      Dr. T and the Women Attending Physician Robert Altman
      Scandalous Behavior stunt coordinator, Texas Ranger James Hong
      Remote Controlled stunt coordinator, police officer Kusko Productions
      Carribean Kill stunts- martial arts, falls Six Shooter Prod.
      Poncho Barnes featured- Stunt Pilot Orion Films
      Fire and Rain precision driver USA Network
      Fugitive Among Us Sheriff Empty Chair Prod.
      Touch and Die Playboy SFP Productions
      JFK Reporter Oliver Stone
      Problem Child Reporter Universal
      Hexed Frighteded man Hexed Productions
      Evidence of Love County Sheriff King-Phoenix
      Broken Golfer ABC Television
      The President's Man White House Staffer Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger Stunts (fights/fall)- Final Showdown Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger Stunts (fights)- Without a Sound Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger Ranger Carvel- Retribution Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- Medieval Crimes Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger DPD Officer- 6 hours Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- SAturday Night Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- Golden Boy Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- Wedding Bells Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- Soldiers of Hate Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger TX Ranger- Day of Cleansing Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger prisoner- Justice Delayed Amadea Prod.
      Wishbone Field General - Prince of Wags Big Feats! Entertainment
      Wishbone Pilgrim Big Feats! Entertainment
      Wishbone Oakdale parent- Monkeying Around Big Feats! Entertainment
      Barney Parent- Pennies, Nickels and Dimes Lyons Group
      Walker, TX Ranger Texas Ranger - Everyday Heroes Amadea Prod.
      Walker, TX Ranger Cop- The Brotherhood Amadea Prod.
      Wishbone stunt double- Phantom of the Opera Big Feats! Production
      Wishbone stunt double- Prospero Big Feats! Entertainment
      Pet Talk Host- 50+ shows E. Nahte-D.C.A.
      Big "D"- lite main cast-25 episodes Big "D" Prod.
      Left Field main cast-50 episodes Unicorn Prod.
      Joe Bob Briggs bar patron Krank Away Prod.
      Unsolved Mysteries Reporter Cosgrove-Meuer
      Dallas Ranch Hand - 6 episodes Lorimar/CBS
      Dangerous Curves Customs Officer Leonard Katzman
      KXAS Image Promo lead - Father KXAS-TV, Robt. Wise
      Step up to Fitness Wall Climber KXAS-TV, Crystal Smith
      Cyber stalker KXAS-TV, Robt. Wise
      KDMX Radio VOC promotions Aydelotte East
      Back Room Secrets lead- gubernatorial candidate KXAS-TV, Robt. Wise
      Voice Over
      Take 10 VOC, co-host K. Telban Prod.
      Crackups Improv characters Crackup Prod.
      Actor Bio
      Hosted Pet Talk, a half hour talk show format: topics included pet education, interviews with industry professionals, presenting animals for adoption, and educational spots on Texas wild animals and endangered species. All episodes showcased a particular species (in the studio), including: cougars, leopards, an elephant, bats, and a variety of reptiles and amphibians. Show had a 3+ year run.
      Writer, producer, and main cast member of the sketch comedy television show Left Field for 3+ years
      20+ episodes: Walker, Texas Ranger (stuntman, character- "Ranger Carvel")
      Trained as a Studio Camera Operator, Floor Manager, Lighting, Grip, and Audio for television and independent film production
      Developed television programming segments: Animal rescue, endangered species, cooking, car care, car racing, gardening, Native American issues, Stunts- behind the scenes, and inside military issues. (Action Reporting)
      Stunt and precision driver for film, television and commercials; learned to drive in extreme weather conditions (upstate NY)- Storm chaser/ hard weather reporter
      Extensive experience in business issues, as well as international finance.
      Involved in procuring the funds and distribution for feature films, and currently the VP for a Lloyds of London insurance company specializing in Film/Television production insurance.
      Vice President of SAG - Dallas/Ft. Worth Branch.

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Air Rams, Air Ratchets, Baseball Player, Bodybuilder, Bowler, Boxer, Car Jumps, Chef, Fire Burns, Football Player, Golfer, High Falls 10' to 50', High Falls 50' and up, Hockey Player, Ice Skater, Improv, Jet Skier, Kick Boxer, Martial Arts Specialist, Motorcyclist, Race Car Driver, Racquet Ball Player, Roller Blader, Skier-Water, Stage Combat, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Driving, Swimmer, Track & Field Athlete, Volleyball Player
      English - Conversational , English Accent French - Conversational
      Other Skills
      Weapons: Nunchucka, Bo Staff, Sai, Sansetsukan, Escrima/Kali sticks, Kwan Dao., Styles: Kombido, Aikido, Judo, Karate, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Qi Gung, JuJitsu.
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