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Bullet Valmont


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    Available to work in the following additional locations: CA - San Diego, Colorado
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    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Body Type(s): Athletic
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White,  Irish,  Scandinavian
    Disability Information:


    Alluvial Tobe Geza Decsy
    The Mask Alley Hood Charles Russell
    Birch Street Gym Mugger Stephen Kessler
    The Kids from Nowhere Pimp Ben Michael Richards
    Wilding: The Children of Violence Bob (co-starring) Eric Louzil
    Sea of Darkness 3: The Final Voyage Solomon Crow Also director and writer
    Code-9 Warrior #3/fighting stunts Steve Wang
    Class of Nuke 'Em High II Hamlet Eric Louzil
    Inside/Out Surf Joe (lead) Nigel Dick
    Confessions of Crime Jonnie Ray Jones (lead) Michael Tiechner
    Profiler Billy Andersol David Jackson
    Christine Cromwell Junkie Harvey Hart
    T.V. 101 Heavy Metal Kid Beth Hilshafer
    Married w/ Children Stereo Thief Linda Day
    Santa Barbara Dusty NBC
    Sea of Darkness 1 thru 5 Solomon Crow (also writer, director) Revenge From The Sea
    The Black Pirate Sword Fighter Stanley Sheff
    Sanguinarium Lelio (also director/writer) Crewe of Revenge
    The Silence Lelio (director/writer) Crewe of Revenge
    Severina Lelio (director/writer) Crewe of Revenge
    Wench Whisper Crow (director/writer) Pirate Envy
    President's Council on Physical Fitness with Arnold Schwarzenegger The Arrogant Kid National
    Ames Dept. Stores The Rock Star Economist Regional (east coast)
    Music Video
    Mick Jagger Throwaway
    Skid Row Youth Gone Wild
    Oingo Boingo Out of Control
    Janet Jackson Escapade
    Mariah Carey There's Got To Be A Way
    Nine Inch Nails Perfect Drug
    Madonna Deeper and Deeper
    Robert Tepper The Unforgiven
    Skid Row Piece of Me
    George Michael Freak
    Dwight Yoakam Turn It On, Turn It Up
    Miami Sound Machine Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
    Voice Over
    Kevin and Bean Radio Show In studio - Talk Like a Pirate Day KROQ FM, Los Angeles
    Prince - Sign of the Times Concert film Paisley Park Films
    Actor Bio
    Bullet appeared in dozens of music videos before his first film role. He refined his acting skills at the Rooftop Players Workshop where he often wrote scripts for his fellow actors. After several years of film and television work -and with no experience at either directing or fight choreography- he founded a pirate-themed troupe featuring sword and pike combat, black powder firearms, and live musical accompaniment. His "pirate-theatre" troupe has performed at several of L.A.'s best venues, among them: the El Rey Theatre, the Orpheum, El Capitan, and the Key Club. They eventually took the show to sea aboard a 130' wooden tall-ship, under full sail and cannon fire. Their violent and bloody comedies earned a loyal following who refer to them as "Monty Pirates Floating Circus."
    Bullet has worked as a creature-effects tech on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and The X-Files, and as a weapons fabricator on The Scorpion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Thor. Currently he writes columns for Pirates Magazine and Mutiny Magazine.
    -bio by Stephanie W.

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Choreographer, Skier-Snow, Stage Combat, Sword Fighter, Unicyclist
    Other Skills
    Prosthetics , Mold Making
    Professional Training/Education
    Acting - Tom Moses
    Cold Reading - John Sarno
    Rooftop Players Actors Workshop (4 years)
    Actors Studio West - Ted Harris
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