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Curt Lambert


Film Artists Associates


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      Available to work in the following additional locations: Indiana, Tennessee
      Agency Contact Type Location
      Film Artists Associates 818-883-5008 Agency-TV & TH Verbal Los Angeles

      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 10"
      Weight: 165 lbs.
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Hazel
      Body Type(s): Average
      Portrayable Age: 40 years - 50 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
      Disability Information:


      Valentine DayZ Lead Mark Allen Michaels - dir
      End Of The Line Lead Joe Cornet - dir
      Echoes Of Fear Supporting Brian Avenet Bradley - dir
      Not With My Daughter Lead Staci Layne Wilson - dir
      The Fiance Lead Mark Allen Michaels-dir
      Incident At Santo Rio Lead Joe Cornet - dir
      The Lincoln Supporting Stephanie Paris-dir
      The Psychic Supporting Staci Layne Wilson-dir
      The Three Furies Supporting Guy Norman Bee-dir
      Fetish Factory Supporting Staci Layne Wilson-dir
      Mind Rage Supporting M.A. Michaels-dir
      Desperately Lead Bradley Wentworth-dir
      The Red Machine Supporting Steph Argy/Alec Boehm-dir
      Coyote Monday Lead Tom Hobbs-dir
      The Shakespeare Murders Lead Stan Radinsky-dir
      Chaplin Featured Richard Attenborough-dir
      The Journey Featured Scott Marchano-dir
      The Hotel Barclay Starring Cool, See Ya Later Prods
      LAid Co-Starring Cool, See Ya Later Prods
      Get Over It Starring/Creator/Writer HBO Workspace/Mystax Prods.
      Honda Starring Sean Wilson-dir
      Look Back In Anger Cliff Rogue Arts Group/Rose Theatre
      Christmas Card Wally NOHO Studios/Mystax Prods.
      Rimers of Eldritch Robert Theatre Exchange
      King Lear Edmund Mid-American Shakespeare Fest.
      As You Like It Touchstone Mid-American Shakespeare Fest.
      Julius Caesar Cassius Mid-American Shakespeare Fest.
      The Matchmaker Malachi Stack Summerstock
      Guys and Dolls Nathan Detroit Summerstock
      Oklahoma Ali Hakim Summerstock
      Improv/Sketch Comedy Starring/Founding Member Mystax Comedy Improv
      Stand Up Comedy Stand Up Comedy Store/The Improv
      Sketch Comedy Starring HBO Workspace/National Lampoon
      Improv Comedy Starrring LA Connection
      Voice Over
      CD on request Various Various
      Actor Bio
      "Curt Lambert - the unexpected leading man." That's what Sam Christensen, Hollywood casting and image guru, calls Curt. "He brings to mind Kevin Spacey and James Mason, with a dash of James Spader, Dirk Bogarde and Claude Raines," says Sam.
      Lambert hails from the mid-west. A tiny town in Indiana, to be specific, where creating characters, playing with voices and putting on disguises filled his time. Plus lots and lots of baseball. Trained on the stages of the mid-west, he has a degree in Theatre Arts from Ball State University. Since arriving in Los Angeles, Curt has appeared on stage and screen, performed stand up, improv and sketch comedy. He has also written stage revues, sketch comedy material and has completed several screenplays. Some award winning and optioned and some ready to go.
      Comfortable in both drama and comedy, he brings to the screen that "decent as the day is long and indecent all night long" and "you can take me home to meet the folks" quality. When he flashes his crooked smile, however, he's "hit and run funny", "devil may care" and "a safe harbor, but only until I drop my anchor." When the camera looks into Curt's eyes there is a depth, an inner pain - that "far away" and "yeah, I'm secretive...until I blow my cover" vulnerability. He's "the guy you walk by, but always turn to." Perhaps Clu Gulagar, veteran Hollywood actor and acting teacher sums it up best, "there's greatness in Curt."

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Baseball Player, Comedian (Stand-Up), Disc Jockey, Horseback Rider, Impersonator-Mimic, Improv, Swimmer, Tennis Player, Trumpet
      English - Conversational , Southern Accent, Scottish Accent, Irish Accent, English Accent, Cockney Accent, British Accent
      Other Skills
      Master of Ceremonies
      Professional Training/Education
      Acting/Image Process - Sam Christensen Studios
      Film Acting - Clu Gulager
      Commercial Acting - Carolyn Barry/Gordon Jump
      Scene Study - Guy Stockwell
      Bachelor of Theatre Arts - Ball State University
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