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Dan Schlund


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      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 0"
      Weight: 180 lbs.
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes: Blue
      Hips: 34"
      Body Type(s): Average
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White


      Wuss Stunt Coordinator MIP Film
      LA Art Show (working title) Stunt Double Keith Adams
      Stop Loss Stunt Double - MP Soldier David Morizot
      Walking Tall 2 Stunt Double Mike Kirton
      Beach Movie (Boardheads) Utility Stunts/High Falls Red Horton
      Gentleman's Club Stunt Actor Hunter Brown
      Allyson is Watching Safety/Medic Robert Kubilos
      The Apocalypse Safety/Medic Hubert C. de la Bouillerie
      Carlton Natural Blonde Jet Pack and Character Actor Per Request
      V Energy Drink Jet Pack Flight Robbers Dog
      DLP - Texas Instruments Stunt Double/High Falls Jim Henry
      Mercedes-Benz "Changing Lanes" Precision Driving Tony Vella
      Compaq Industrial Stunt Actor/High Fall McDougall Creative
      Team Rocket (Reality) Lead Per Request
      The Good Guys Stunt Double Russell Towery
      NCIS Jet Pack Pilot Per Request
      Ellen Degeneres Show Special Guest Warner Brothers
      2007 Rose Parade Special Appearance Pasadena, Ca.
      SCI-Q Special Guest Discovery Canada
      MTV Music Video Awards Stunt Double (P-Diddy) MTV
      Walker Texas Ranger Stunt Actor Vic Quintero/Eric Norris
      KTLA Channel 5 Morning News Fire Dive Demonstration Mike Ostovich
      Actionfest Jet Pack flight & High Fall Action Film Festival
      The Rocketman Jet Pack Pilot Various World Wide
      V.D. Alien 3-D Interactive Ride Stunt Actor Red Horton
      Batman Water Thrill Spectacular Batman, Various Stunts Six Flags Vallejo
      Jungle Show Lead, Various Stunt Six Flags Vallejo
      King Solomon's Mine Lead, Various Stunts Wallibi Flavo, Holland
      Wild West Stunt Show Producer, Stunt Coordinator Leo Foo Village, Taiwan
      US High Diving Show Announcer, Stunt Diving Various Location
      Personal Website

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Air Rams, Air Ratchets, Boat Work, Bungee Jumper, Driver (Special Licensed), Fire Burns, High Falls 10' to 50', Medical Personnel, Motorcyclist, Mountain Climber, Photographer, Scuba Diver, Stage Combat, Stunt Driving
      Other Skills
      Rocketbelt (Jet Pack) pilot
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