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Ian Bonner


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      Available to work in the following additional locations: District of Columbia, New York
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      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 1"
      Weight: 200 lbs.
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Hazel
      Portrayable Age: 25 years - 45 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
      Disability Information:


      Adherance Patient #9 Mav Block
      Creed Photographer Ryan Coogler
      Franny Cliff Andrew Renzi
      Captain America: The Winter Soldier Smithsonian Tourist Anthony Russo/Joe Russo
      Better Living Through Chemistry Apothecary Patron Geoff Moore
      Arbitrage Grand Jury Foreman Nicholas Jarecki
      J Edgar NJ State Trooper Clint Eastwood
      Being Flynn 12-Step Member Paul Weitz
      I Don't Know How She Does It Boston Cabbie Douglas McGrath
      New Year's Eve Carrington Chef Garry Marshall
      Tower Heist Texting Subway Commuter Brett Ratner
      Safe Mamoschka Chef Boaz Yakin
      Transformers: Dark of the Moon White House Aid Michael Bay
      Limitless Campaign Volunteer Neil Burger
      Blue Valentine Room Service Guy Derek Cianfrance
      How Do You Know Lawyer in Elevator James L. Brooks
      SALT White House Aid Phillip Noyce
      The Bounty Hunter Boardwalk Pedestrian Columbia Pictures
      Law Abiding Citizen Detective Rick Collins F. Gary Gray
      Rocky Balboa Restaurant Patron Sylvester Stallone
      Steam Cloud Rising Emergency Room Doctor Eric Pictures
      Sally Dr. Cris Craft David Goldsmith
      Veep Reporter HBO
      House of Cards Washington Herald Reporter Netflix
      Political Animals Photographer USA
      Game Change Television Producer HBO
      Boardwalk Empire Working Class Thug HBO
      Curb Your Enthusiasm Jeff Garlin Photo Double HBO
      Royal Pains Flash Johnston USA
      Mildred Pierce Mover HBO
      Past Life Det. Michael Johnson Warner Bros. Television
      Arby's Philly Spectator
      Perfect Crime David Breuer Bruce Kissinger, Director
      Romantic Comedy Jason Carmichael Lydia Jane Graeff, Director
      Wait Until Dark Patrolman Diane Shaffer, Director
      The Butler Did It Raymond Butler (also Robert) Bruce Kissinger, Director
      Lunch Hour Leo Larry Sheaf, Director
      Our Town Howie Newsome Chet Rittle, Director
      Damn Yankees Sohovik, Postmaster James Waldron, Director
      Over The Checkerboard Mark Lindsay Sandy English, Director
      Milton Hershey, The Play Dr. Clayton Martin PA Historic Dramas
      The Blue Eyed Six Coal Miner, Deputy, farmer Kreider Bros. Productions
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      Actor Bio
      Ian was born in New York City. He attended boarding school and college in Pennsylvania, where he found acting. His credits include "Sally" (2000), playing opposite Sam Coppola, Michael Weston and Rachael Leigh Cook. He has also been featured in several other films, including "Law Abiding Citizen" (2009) with Jamie Foxx.
      He is one of the producers of the documentary "The Blue Eyed Six" (2007) and "The Blue Eyed Six" film (2017).

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Baseball Player, Football Player, Horseback Rider
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