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Kristen Olson


Angel City Talent


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    Available to work in the following additional locations: Oregon, Washington
    Agency Contact Type Location
    Angel City Talent 323-656-5489 Agency-CO Verbal Hollywood

    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 8"
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Dress Size: 6
    Pant Size: 6
    Bust/Chest: 32"
    Cup Size: D
    Waist: 26"
    Hips: 36"
    Body Type(s): Slim
    Portrayable Age: 42 years - 52 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
    Disability Information:


    Cross supporting Morningstar Films/Patrick Durham
    Perry's Fairies supporting Alexia Films/Maggie Cohn
    Erased supporting Ascentia Films/Mike Halper
    Hysteresis supporting Cristina Cimellaro
    The Guttenbergers lead Me Gustas Tu Productions
    Agatha lead Left to Right Productions
    Aluvagous lead Sierra Edwards
    Stefan's Green Card supporting Alonso F. Mayo
    Hunter supporting Julien Guerif
    Acts of God supporting Anthony Bushman
    Actorz supporting Great Ideas Entertainment
    Things That Go Bump lead Eric Fineman
    Threshold supporting Chris Wereski
    Second Chance supporting Archie Arenas
    The Trianglist supporting Dana Mannion
    Lost on 3rd supporting Veronica Shamo-Garcia
    The Woods lead Laura Hunt
    Miss Alexis 1978 supporting Debbie Formoso
    You're Whole co-star Adult Swim/Michael Showalter
    The Young and the Restless co-star CBS/Dean Lamont
    Pushing Daisies co-star ABC/Lawrence Trilling
    The Tasting Room (pilot presentation) co-star Betsy Bagg
    Half-Baked (internet) series regular HB Productions
    longform improvisation member of "Patterson" Bang. Comedy Theatre, L.A.
    Official Website
    Facebook Fan Page
    Twitter http://@windchick
    Actor Bio
    To an outside observer, Kristen looks like your normal, run-of-the-mill, middle-aged Midwestern mom, or maybe the nice lady next door who brings you cookies on your birthday. With a tidy haircut and conservative bearing, she can even pass for a doctor, or lawyer. But anyone familiar with her work will tell you that she has a talent for creating characters that are slightly to the left of normal. That nice lady next door? She likes to corner you out in the street to talk about her cat's litter box habits. The clerk who sits next to you at the office is actually a computer genius who relaxes during her free time by hacking into her co-workers' email accounts and reading their personal correspondence. Intelligent, yes, friendly, absolutely, but also nerdy and obsessive.
    Kristen's nerd roots run deep. Her family is definitively left-brained--2 doctors, a NASA engineer, a dietitian, and she herself worked for a number of years as a computer programmer (she denies hacking into anyone's emails, however). After discovering a passion for acting, she moved to L.A., where her suppressed dorkyness and sarcasm (which she swears she inherited from her parents) were an asset. She quickly embraced those qualities with extensive improv training at Bang Comedy Institute, Second City Training Center, and the Groundlings.
    Kristen's L.A. acting career thus far has included a number of dramatic roles in various independent films and The Young and The Restless. But it's her small, comedic role as lighthouse keeper Nora McQuoddy in an episode of ABC's darkly quirky comedy Pushing Daisies, that stoked her passion for subtle, oddball comedy. Plus, as a side benefit, Kristen now knows firsthand what it would look like to be melted onto a lighthouse light by a murderous nemesis. She continues to experiment with other comedic characters in a self-produced series of micro-short comedy videos, including Helen Parker, blogging queen, and Diane my @$#% neighbor, and in the webseries Half-Baked.

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Improv, Pianist, Wind Surfer
    Spanish - Conversational , Midwestern, Southern, and Texas accents
    Other Skills
    count to 100 in Thai
    Professional Training/Education
    Acting Technique: Richard Seyd (current), Brian Riese, Margie Haber Studios, Sal Romeo
    Comedy/Improvisation: Groundlings, Second City, Bang.
    Comedy/Sitcom: Mary Lou Belli, Todd Rohrbacher
    Commercial: Killian McHugh (current), Jill Alexander
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