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Michael Finn


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      Available to work in the following additional locations: Georgia, New York
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      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 8"
      Weight: 175 lbs.
      Hair: Bald
      Eyes: Blue
      Body Type(s): Athletic,  Average
      Portrayable Age: 24 years - 36 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Armenian,  Australian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  European,  German,  Irish,  Russian,  Scottish
      Disability Information:


      The Village Featured Extra M. Night Shyamalan
      Adversary Lead Michael Finn
      The Machine that Won the War Lead Jack Finch
      Fact & Faith Lead Philip Eubanks
      If Sims Were Self Aware Lead Alex Coulombe
      Where the Cowboys Go Sneaking Lead Nick Zelletz
      The Hero Lead Lauren Terilli
      Pressure Lead Daniel Coimbra
      The Almost Martyr Lead Kareem Handy
      Meteor Lead Gabrielle Altheim
      Visions Lead Rebecca Wilson
      Im With You Lead Chris Cason
      The Cardinal Rule Supporting Chaun Pinkston
      Sever Supporting Petros Georgiadis
      Otis Supporting T. J. McGowan
      His Man Supporting Omar Bakry
      Jenny Supporting Jena N. Serabu
      The Search for Agent Z U/5 Ryan Schmitz
      Marylin U/5 Kristian Fagra
      Across the Universe Extra Julie Taymor
      Powers Co-Star Rod Hardy
      Scare School: The Making of a Monster Featured CN8
      Law & Order: SVU - "Gone" Extra NBC
      Othello Iago American Theatre of Actors
      Romeo and Juliet Mercutio Pax Amicus Castle Shakespeare Rep.
      The Black Book (NYC Premier) Arthur Chase Just a Boy Productions
      Macbeth Macduff/Duncan/Murderer 1 Boz and the Bard Productions
      Zoo Story Jerry Twilight Theatre Co.
      The Seagull Medvedenko Classic Showcase Theatre
      The Tempest Alonso American Theatre of Actors
      The Following is Based... (NYC Premiere) Bob Newbie The Brick Tiny Theatre Festival
      The Red Coat John Twilight Theatre Co.
      Macbeth Ross/Young Siward/Murderer 2 Pax Amicus Castle Shakespeare Rep.
      Hamlet Leartes/Lucianus Pax Amicus Castle Shakespeare Rep.
      The Man Who Couldn't Dance Eric Twilight Theatre Co.
      Ghost Sonata Benggston Theatre Series
      The Bourgeous Gentleman Lackey Theatre Series
      Jeffery Multiple Roles Players Theatre
      The Philadelphia Mark Twilight Theatre Co.
      Chapter Two George Players Theatre
      Jesus Christ Superstar Apostle/Herrod (us) The Pleasure Of Your Company, Inc
      West Side Story Snowboy Dream Street Productions
      The Sound of Music Herr Zeller Eastside Theatre Co.
      Nightmares Extreme Scream Park Tea-bag (Prison Break Live!) Sudden Impact Entertainment Co.
      Nightmares on Broad Street Promos Freezer Creature Arenavision
      Caberet Tour Commercial Extra Metrovision
      Prison Break Live/IAPPA Trade Show (Atlanta, GA) Tea-bag (Prison Break Live!) Sudden Impact Entertainment Co.
      Warner Brothers Kid's Club Show Host, Sylvester Six Flags, NJ/Bugs Bunny Land Theatre
      Children's Magic Shows Magician Bray Productions
      Michael Finn's Website
      IMDb Page
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      Facebook Fan Page

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Actor, Bartender, Baseball Player, Drummer, Golfer, Ice Skater, Improv, Percussionist, Stage Combat
      English - Conversational , New York, Irish, Cockney, Southie (Boston), Southern
      Other Skills
      Can properly work a scythe, Valid Driver's License, Stick Shift, Jaw Harp (a la Snoopy), Quick to learn accents, Like to take risks, Willing to try almost anything
      Professional Training/Education
      B.F.A. (Acting - Montclair State University) - Jim Ligon/Suzanne Trauth/Ruth Clark/Ramon Delgado
      Jim Brill - Meisner Technique
      Anthony Grasso - On Camera Technique/Scene Study
      Jim Ligon/Lisa Gardner - Improv
      W. Scott MacConnell/James Karcher/Jared Kirby -Stage Combat
      Lester Shane/Mike Mitchell -Vocal Training
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