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Nikki Bohm


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    Available to work in the following additional locations: CA - Hollywood, New York
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    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Female
    Height: 6' 0"
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Dress Size: 6
    Pant Size: 8
    Bust/Chest: 34"
    Cup Size: C
    Body Type(s): Athletic,  Slim
    Portrayable Age: 25 years - 35 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White,  European,  French,  Latino/Hispanic,  Polish,  Portugese,  Romanian,  Russian,  Spanish
    Disability Information:


    Cronus Sgt. Rei Anaya/Lead Andrew Evers
    Escape The Living Dead Nikki/Lead Matt Lewis, Angel Valley Productions
    Road Wars Macon/Lead Mark Atkins, The Asylum
    Treachery of Images Rebecca/Lead Meghan Weinstein
    Johnny Shadow Susan/Lead Abdullah Abuljadail
    Waiting in Wasteland Melpomene/Lead Kshitij Bal
    Off the Record Erin Cooper/Lead Ariel Lijie Feng
    Ticket to the Haunted Mansion Deadly Daisy/Lead Nuntakul Petong Sakulchai
    Sanjala Sam Djevojka/Lead Faruk Zunic, Shpaolin-Malehico TV/F.V.Production
    Pride Angela/Lead Mario Rodriguez
    Milena Dark/Supporting Rima Naim
    Nothing Happened Woman/Lead Evan Meszaros
    A Snowman's Tale Lilly/Lead Christian Jurgensen
    Breathe Isabelle/Lead Rima Naim
    Nobody Can Cool Gigi/Lead DPYX/ Rachel Holzman, Marcy Boyle
    The Murder of an Ego Stacy 2/Lead Rima Naim
    Affections April/Lead Fatalis NY/ Rob Barriales
    Men Die and They are Not Happy Guard/Lead Orit Ben-Shitrit
    I am a Fat Cat FBI Agent Alex Brook Lynn
    The Bentley Timeshare Tammy/Lead Crystal Pantera Productions
    Modos-Prophecy Armageddon Eeryn/Supporting Trinity Film Productions/ Yvette Araujo
    Pimp Parody "Snoop Dogg's Arrival"Nered Principal Mario Petrekovic, RTL, Croatia
    PC&VideoClips mini movie Principal Mario Petrekovic, RTL, Croatia
    Needles Markup Countess Kristoff/Lead Linda Nile
    Blood on the Cat's Neck Laura/Lead Kaca Celan, Theater TAS
    Patty -The Revival PMS U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D Patrick Kennelly
    Berlin Cowboys Ursula/Lead Iris Merlis, Write Act Repertory LA
    The Trojan Women Keres/Chorus Steven Sabel
    Boy at the Bottom of the Lake Ursula/Lead Rachel Goldenberg
    Love letters to Mary Jane Principal Ryan Mckanzie
    The Merchant of Venice Portia/Lead Nanette Asher, Queens Shakespeare Company
    Much Ado About Nothing Various Roles Jonathan Emerson, Queens Shakespeare Company
    Happy Hour Principal Michael Horn
    Female Transport Nance/Lead Paul Blankenship
    A Far Country Elizabeth Von Ritter/Lead Susan Pilar
    Uncommon Women and Others Rita Barbara Rubin
    Living Out Linda Susan Pilar
    Mrs. Warrens Profession Mrs. Warren Jim Demonic
    High Ground Sister Mary/Lead Barbara Rubin
    Midsummer Nights Dream Helena/Lead Hugh Fraser, RADA, London
    Anthony and Cleopatra Cleopatra/Lead Hugh Fraser, RADA, London
    The Phantom of the Opera The Phantom/Lead Inja Pavlovic. Tvornica, Croatia
    Konrad The Kid from the Tin Can Mother/Lead Desanka Virant & Mirjana Preis, ZKM, Croatia
    Romeo and Juliet Nurse Desanka Virant & Mirjana Preis, ZKM, Croatia
    Cats Various Roles Desanka Virant & Mirjana Preis, ZKM, Croatia
    Voice Over
    In the Land of Blood and Honey ADR Voice GK Films/Angelina Jolie
    Demo Reel
    Demo Reel 2
    Road Wars Sizzle Reel
    Actors Access
    Actor Bio
    Nikki Bohm Bio
    Nikki Bohm is an established multi-lingual Actress and Writer. Raised in Vancouver, Canada and Zagreb, Croatia, she now lives in Los Angeles.
    She began her career as a Dancer and Actor at Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM), one of the leading avant-garde theaters in Croatia. Under ZKM, she appeared in professional productions such as "Konrad The Kid From The Tin Can", which participated at the International Dance and Acting Festival in Hague, Netherlands.
    Nikki comes from a strong theater training background. She attended The School For Film and Television in New York, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and holds the full-time degree from the American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in New York.
    RADA stage credits include Cleopatra in Shakespeare's "Anthony and Cleopatra" and Helena in "Midsummer Nights Dream", directed by the established actor / director Hugh Fraser. Off-Off Broadway credits include lead roles such as Portia in "Merchant of Venice" (Queens Shakespeare Company), and Nance in "Female Transport". LA stage credits include a lead role of PMS in the award-winning "Patty-Revival" directed by Patrick Kennelly at the Highways Performance Space and lead role of Ursula in "Berlin Cowboys" at the Write Act Repertory directed by Iris Melris.
    Her film credits include: lead role of Gigi in Thriller "Nobody Can Cool" out on DVD US/CANADA, lead role of Erin Cooper in "Off the Record", lead role of Isabella in "Breathe", lead role of April in award-nominated short film "Affections" by Fatalis Partnership. Additional film credits include lead role of Deadly Daisy in "Ticket to the Haunted Mansion", lead role in short film "Pride" and various other's.
    Nikki has also performed as the lead in Orit Ben-Shitrit's "Men Who Die, and They Are Not Happy", which had it's exhibition at the Haifa Museum of Modern Art in Jerusalem.
    On her free time, Nikki works as a writer completing her short film about domestic abuse starring Francisco Ovalle "Nothing Happened" and writer/producer of feature length script "Armadillo" which is currently in pre-production stages.
    Nikki has had the opportunity to personally cast celebrity actor Dean Winters (OZ, Law and Order SVU) in short film "Memoire" as well as celebrity actor Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives, Mad Men) in "The Tsarevich".
    Besides English and Croatian, Nikki is also fluent in German and Brazilian Portuguese.
    Nikki is a passionate dancer, trained in classical ballet, modern dance, and certified in S-Factor Pole dancing.

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Actor, Exotic Dancer, Fencer, Free Style Dancer, Horseback Rider, Model, Modern Dancer, Mountain Biker, Photographer, Saxophone, Skier-Snow, Skier-Water, Snow Boarder, Stage Combat, Stripteaser, Swimmer, Sword Fighter, Tall Women (5'10" & up), Tennis Player, Volleyball Player, Yoga
    English - Native , IPA proficient, Dialects available on Request Croatian - Native , IPA proficient, Dialects available on Request German - Fluent Portuguese - Fluent , Brazilian Serbo-Croatian - Native , IPA proficient, Dialects available on Request Serbo-Croatian (Yugoslavia) - Native , IPA proficient, Dialects available on Request Spanish - Conversational
    Other Skills
    Certified S Factor Pole Dancing, Stick Shift, Canadian Passport, International Drivers License
    Professional Training/Education
    The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York: 2 year full-time program, Associate of Arts 07-09
    The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London: Shakespeare and Contemporary Summer Intensive 2006
    The School For Film and Television, New York: Summer Acting Course 2005
    London Drama School, UK: Intensive Summer Drama Course 2004
    Youth Theater Zagreb,Croatia: Acting and Dance 1999-2007
    Sheila Kelley's S-Factor 2007-ongoing (NY/LA)
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