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Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 245 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Body Type(s): Large
Portrayable Age: 55 years - 58 years
Disability Information:


Seabiscuit Bum Gary Ross
Red Dragon Opera Audience Member Brett Ratner
Bandits AssistantCoroner Barry Levinson
13 Moons Hospital Security Guard Alex Rockwell
Rock Star Heavy Metal Fan Stephen Herek
Swordfish Professor Dominic Sena
Spider-Man Parent Sam Raimi
America So Beautiful Thug Babak Shokrian
Home Room Police Officer Paul F. Ryan
S1m0ne Audience Member Andrew Niccol
The Majestic Witness Frank Darabont
Collateral Damage Haz Mat Crew Andrew Davis
The Princess Diaries Paparazzi Garry Marshall
Layover Other Man In Restroom Alan B. McElroy
Clockstoppers Security Officer Jonathan Frakes
Dragonfly Funeral Attendee Tom Shadyac
A Night At The Golden Eagle Trick Adam Rifkin
Mr. Deeds Man In Lobby Steven Brill
Devil's Prey Scary Townsperson Bradford May
Dear God Trial Lawyer Garry Marshall
Point Break FBI Agent Kathryn Bigelow
The Doors Audience Member Oliver Stone
Life Stinks Bum Mel Brooks
By The Sword Spectator Jeremy Kagan
Another 48 Hrs Man At Bar Walter Hill
Rocky V Reporter John G. Avildsen
Defending Your Life Angel Albert Brooks
Predator 2 Detective Stephen Hopkins
Die Hard 2 Airline Passenger Renny Harlin
Taking Care Of Business Ugly Convict Arthur Hiller
Blood Theater Pie Victim Rick Sloane
Vice Squad Rocky Horror Fan Gary Sherman
The Rocky Horror Show Narrator Tiffany Theater
Gotta Kick It Up! Audience Member Ramon Menendez
NYPD Blue - "In the Still of the Night " Police Officer Robert J. Doherty
Any Day Now - "Rebel with a Cause" Confederate soldier Gary A. Randall
Any Day Now - "No More Forever" Museum Patron Lifetime
Any Day Now - "Five Golden Rings" Party Guest Lifetime
Any Day Now - "Life" National Guardsman Lifetime
That's Life - "Gutterball" Wedding guest Sharron Miller
That's Life - "Saint Bernadette" Diner Rob Thompson
That's Life - "Lydia and the Professor" Karaoke singer Christopher Monger
Our Lips Are Sealed Juror Craig Shapiro
Freaks and Geeks - "Noshing and Moshing" Punk Rocker Jake Kasdan
Providence - "You Bet Your Life" Diner Ian Toynton
Resurrection Boulevard Boxing Official Jesus Salvador Trevino
Meat Loaf: To Hell and Back Roadie Jim McBride
Late Last Night Police Officer Steven Brill
Little Girl Fly Away Detective Peter Levin
Homefront USMC Ron Lagomarsino
Hardball - "The Angel Of Death" Homeless Man Columbia Pictures
Hunter - "Little Man with a Big Reputation" Officer O'Brien James Darren
Hunter - "Ex Marks the Spot" Officer O'Brien Gus Trikonis
Hunter - "All That Glitters" Officer O'Brien Tony Mordente
Hunter - "The Reporter" Officer O'Brien Simon Muntner
Hunter - "Fatal Obsession: Part 2" Officer O'Brien David H. Balkan
Hunter - "Fatal Obsession: Part 1" Officer O'Brien David H. Balkan
Quantum Leap - "Maybe Baby - March 11, 1963" Man At Bar Michael Zinberg
Seinfeld - "The Statue" Man In Elevator Tom Cherones
Tour Of Duty Private George Kaczender
The Rocky Horror Treatment Rocky Horror Fan Don Kline
That's Hollywood - "Cult Classics" Rocky Horror fan 20th Century Fox
How to Pick Up Girls! Passenger Mick Jackson/Bill Persky
Voice Over
The Adventures Of Slam Shade Voice of Slam Shade DrippingLightBulb
Music Video - Carcass - "Heartworks" Welder Tony Kunewalder
Music Video - Mordid Angel - "Rapture" Initiate Tony Kunewalder
Music Video - D.R.I. - "Acid Rain" Mad Preacher Tony Kunewalder
Troy Martin
Reverb Nation
Troy Martin
Troy Martin
Troy Martin
Troy Martin Sings!
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Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Auto Mechanic, Chef, Comedian (Stand-Up), Guitarist, Impersonator-Mimic, Law Enforcement Official, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Pizza Maker, Speed Talker, Tall Men (6'2" & up)
Australian Accent English , Southern Accent, Scottish Accent, New York Accent, Irish Accent, English Accent, Cockney Accent, British Accent
Other Skills
Vocals, Guitar, Bass
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