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Vincent Mr Animation Foster


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      Available to work in the following additional locations: CA - Hollywood, New York
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      Physical Characteristics:

      Body Type(s): Athletic
      Portrayable Ethnicities: African American
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      Addidas Dancer Commercial
      200 Cigarettes Rap Artist Paramount
      Ryme And Reasons Dance Role Miramax
      Breakin 2 Street dancer Cannon
      America Got Talent Robot Dancer NBC
      Jay Leno Dance Battle Car Burbank Studios
      One On One Participating Artist Paramount
      Wife With Kids Dance Role Paramount
      Comedy Showcase
      Vincent Mr.Animation Foster Website
      Actor Bio
      Vincent Mr Animation Foster, the American film actor who is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, was born Vincent Foster on October 17 1966, in Los Angeles, California
      This artist theater show is a journey through the human robot of a street dance performer who grew up in Los Angeles. The show switches from the hilarious and crazy "on-stage" routines to hilarious crowd participation and kids adventures that he's been though out his career 20 plus years in show business. From learning to perform street theater in a weeks time for a television to his first attempt at stage plays in Venice Beach at the age of 17 Mr.Animation keeps the audience enthralled and entertain!

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Actor, Auto Mechanic, Boxer, Choreographer, Free Style Dancer, Hip Hop Dancer, Mime
      English - Conversational , English Accent
      Other Skills
      Street Dancer,Music Producer,Rap Artist, Dance Teacher,,Fitness Trainer,Spiritual Adviser
      Professional Training/Education
      Youth Art Center 2 yrs,Santa Monica Playhouse,UCLA Teacher As Hip Hop & Break Dance Instructor
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