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Daniel Massey Tovell


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    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 5"
    Weight: 205 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Bust/Chest: 44"
    Waist: 36"
    Hips: 34"
    Body Type(s): Large,  Muscular,  Slim
    Portrayable Age: 34 years - 80 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: Armenian,  British,  Caucasian/White,  European,  French,  German,  Irish,  Russian,  Scottish,  Spanish
    Disability Information:


    "Pandora's Box" Princible/Officer Carter Rainforest Films
    "The Other Side" Lead /Reaper Bishop Studios/ Wonder Productions
    "Remember the Titans" Town Cop/State Trooper/Parent Disney/Bruckheimer Productions
    "Road Trip" Sperm/Bank Donor/ DRIVER Dreamworks/Montecito Pictures
    "Death Force" Principle/BRONK Mayhem Productions
    "Unshackled" Prison Guard CMS Productions
    "The Bobby Jones Story" Bobby Jones'/ Body-Gaurd McDongall Films
    "The Role" Principle Lead /Joseph Waits DMT Pictures
    "Severed" Principle/Detective Porter Productions
    "New Golfer" Principle/solo Soteria Productions
    WCW Bash at the Beach Principle/ Lead Turner Productions
    Chevrolet Pit Crew I.L.M. Lucas Films, inc.
    Citgo Principle/ Costomer B&E Partners
    Cox Communications Principle/Contestant Green Dot Films
    Masters of Disaster Prinicple/ Casualty JMP Productions
    Olympic promo Principle/Athlete Japan TV Worldwide
    "It's Comedy" Principle/Bartender W3 Productions (3-Emmeys)
    Weather Channel Principle/ Commuter Red T. Productions
    "October 12th" Principle/Boating Sportsman Complete Pictures
    "The Mummy" Promo Background TNT/NBA Productions
    "Just for feet" Background Boxer Films
    L.C.I. Laser Corp. Lead solo Porter Productions
    O.K. Cafe Dinner OK Productions
    Bell South Board member Bell south Productions
    Coca Cola Executive Coca Cola Productions
    "Cheper By The Dozen" Annie's Boyfriend The Loft Film & Theater Center N.Y.
    "A Servaqnt of Two Masrers" Florezo Artuzi The Loft Film & Theater Center N.Y.
    "A Christmas Carol" Ebenizer Scrooge The Loft Film & Theater Center N.Y.
    "Crimes of the Heart" Doc Porter Pirate Playhouse Sanibel Is. FL.
    "Good Eats" Princple /Three headed deliman Be Square Productions
    "the other side"

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Animal Handler, Archer, Bartender, Baseball Player, Billiard Player, Bowler, Chef, Diver (Springboard), Fisherman, Horseback Rider, Jet Skier, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Photographer, Skier-Snow, Soccer Player, Stage Combat, Stunt Coordinator, Stunt Driving, Swimmer, Tall Men (6'2" & up), Ventriloquist
    Other Skills
    Idie film producer, Set Designer, Cameraman, stage games, improv.
    Professional Training/Education
    Buisness of Acting Atl. GA.----------------- Mike Pniewski------------- Atl.GA.
    Actor's Intencive Atl. GA. --- ---------------Kirk Baltz ----------------Atl. GA.
    Stage Games Westcester N.Y.----------------------Jan Cohen-------------------NYC
    TV/FILM, Commercial Workshop Atl. GA.-----Tom Logan--------------- Atl. GA.
    On Camera Auditions Atl. GA. ------------- Kris Gallucci-------------- Atl. GA.
    Improv / Whole World Theater Atl.GA. - Lance Krall--------------Atl.GA.
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