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Rob Hyland


Fosi's Talent Agency


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      Agency Contact Type Location
      Fosi's Talent Agency 520-795-3534 TV & TH VO Arizona
      Starcraft, Talent Agency 818-403-1105 Agency-TV & TH Verbal Hollywood

      Physical Characteristics:

      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 11"
      Weight: 170 lbs.
      Hair: Brown
      Eyes: Green
      Body Type(s): Athletic
      Portrayable Age: 28 years - 45 years
      Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
      Disability Information:


      Alma Immigration Officer Yuri Makino
      America 101 Border Patrolman Mark Russell
      General Hospital Paulie, the hitman and bodyguard ABC Television / Disney
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      Actor Bio
      Rob Hyland played "Paulie", the Corinthos crime family hitman and bodyguard, on "General Hospital" for nine months. In addition, he played law enforcement characters in the recent films "America 101", a comedy, and the family drama "Alma".
      Rob holds a current passport if international location filming is desired, and also has representation in Arizona. Fosi's Talent Agency can be reached at (520) 795-3534.
      Born in Tucson, Arizona, Rob went on to study Film and Television at the University of Arizona, receiving a Fine Arts degree in Media Arts in 1990. Among his classmates were "Private Practice" star Kate Walsh, and Oscar-nominee Greg Kinnear.

      Skills and Training:

      Special Skills
      Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Billiard Player, Bowler, Golfer, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Swimmer, Tennis Player
      Professional Training/Education
      Graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson. Received a Fine Arts degree in Media Arts.
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